Therapeutic pen for people with Parkinson’s disease

Personal / Industrial design

Industrial designer

It is important for people with Parkinson’s disease to satisfy not only basic needs, but higher level of satisfaction. Micrographia affects up to 63% of people with Parkinson’s, which is caused by slowness of movement, decreasing the amplitude of repetitive movement. It makes them have difficulty for handwriting, which can damage self esteem, and may result in social depression. Arc uses vibration stimulating the key muscles in the hand as well as reducing the effort required to move a pen across paper. High frequency vibration in the pen protects their social identity and normality from others’ eyes. Restoring previous hand writing means they can get their previous identity and confidence back in their life.

Helen Hamlyn Design Awards / Age UK award for Inclusive design winner / UK / 2015 

Core 77 Design Awards / Commercial Equipment Student Notable / USA / 2015

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