Smart watch strap for fingertip communication

Innomdle Lab / Industrial & package design

Lead industrial designer

Sgnl (Signal) is the smart watch strap letting you take phone calls by placing your finger to your ear.

The unique BCU (Body Conduction Unit) patent technology is capable of transmitting vibrations

through the body and converting them to sound. With its specially designed lug adapter,

Sgnl is designed to fit 18, 20, 22, and 24mm standard watch lugs and Apple Watch connectors.

This allows for nearly comprehensive watch compatibility whether attached to a classic watch or

a smart watch or even worn as a stand-alone band.

K-Design Award / Gold winner / S. Korea / 2018

Dive into users

Real voice and feedback from users drives realistic innovation. A variety of stakeholders such as people with Parkinson's disease, doctors, therapists, bio-engineers help this project explore in a practical way. After in-depth interviews and observation specific user group who have micrographia got user tests several times. Prototypes have been trialled and developed in conjunction with fourteen peoples with the symptoms of Micrographia, demonstrating an overall improvement in writing of 86%.

Make writing easy again

ARC is the first pen specifically designed for people with Parkinson’s disease living with Micrographia that is small, cramped and often uncomfortable hand writing. By utilizing high frequency vibration motors, ARC is able to facilitate larger and clearer writing.

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